3 Commvault cloud solutions that will grow your Azure Business

3 Commvault cloud solutions that will grow your Azure Business

Microsoft’s Azure cloud business almost doubled in the past year, while a study by RightScale revealed overall Azure adoption grew from 20 to 34% among respondents.

Today, more organisations are looking to the cloud to increase agility, reduce capital costs and free up staff time and resources – and this trend is only predicted to accelerate. In fact, this year there were a higher percentage of respondents experimenting or planning to use Azure vs. any other cloud according to RightScale. This indicates a potential for Azure to accelerate adoption in future years as the respondents’ experiments and plans come to fruition.


Microsoft and Commvault (a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and the 2014 Microsoft Server Platform Partner of the Year Award winner) have collaborated for more than 15 years to provide businesses with superior data management solutions.  With the extensive integrations and capabilities of Commvault software and Microsoft Azure, your customers can reap the benefits of cloud infrastructure and storage.

Together, Microsoft and Commvault deliver a flexible, secure and cost-effective solution for leveraging the cloud. It is a streamlined, easy-to-use solution that is designed to maximise value to business, whether your customer’s goal is doing more with less, providing new capabilities to increase your competitive edge, enhancing business continuity, or all of the above.

Commvault data protection and information management solutions unlock a £10.6 billion market opportunity with the following solutions:

  1. Migrate to Azure – for the companies looking to move entire workloads into the cloud but perhaps concerned about data loss Read more
  1. Cloud DR using Azure – for customers with disaster recovery needs, who may consider dedicated infrastructure cost-prohibitive Read More
  1. Backup & Archive to Cloud – for customers with workloads already running in the cloud without appropriate backup, or who are still using tape and are concerned about the increasing costs Read more

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