CMS invests in SAP system to cater for monthly billing

CMS invests in SAP system to cater for monthly billing

With the pace of technological change rushing along at breakneck speed, investing in the right technology at the right time is vital for success.

And there is no faster-growing sector in the B2B space than the one covered by the managed service providers (MSPs).

More and more channel companies are making the shift to a managed services model and they need all the help they can get from their distributor of choice, as the biggest challenge is staying relevant in an ever-changing B2B market.
Growing the MSP base and the MSP vendor portfolio is a key strategy for CMS Distribution, with significant investment made in its SAP system to cater for monthly billing and continued focus on onboarding and developing vendors in the managed service space such as Acronis, Barracuda MSP and Webroot.

Frank Salmon - CMS Distribution Management Team“We have invested a lot in systems and processes – creating platforms that will deliver the technology according to our customer’s expectations, and ensuring we have the accreditations to enable our customers. For example, we have had to build out a new system to deliver monthly billing, enabling our customers to stay relevant to market demands”, explains Frank Salmon, CEO of CMS Distribution.

In 2016 CMS grew the MSP customer base from 50 to over 500 partners.

With traditional VARs and VADs trying to cross-over into new areas of business, particularly in this era of cloud and machine learning-led technology, it is going to be survival of the fittest, and a strong European strategy will prove to be a game changer. It is where CMS has excelled, through both its acquisition and its organic growth strategies.

Justin Griffiths, Director of Enterprise Solutions at CMS Distribution explains why there is no room for modesty in the battle for B2B hearts and minds:

“Just being a specialist in one area is not enough, there are many other components that you need to market each vendor. We need to innovate for them as an extension of their sales organisation. The role of distribution is about staying relevant from a technology and consumption perspective. Going back 10 years, we were considered to be just a bank and a warehouse. Now we have the knowledge, systems and technical capabilities to supply a much more automated process.”

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