LG M2250D-PZ 22" LED TV Monitor with HDMI

This product is no longer available (EOL, End-of-Life)

LG Part number: 53595
Manufacturer product ID: M2250D-PZ
EAN Code: EAN8808992308225
Box quantity: 1*
Sub-category: 22" Display
Manufacturer: LG
Weight (Kg): 5.12
Warranty period: 24 Months
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LG M2250D-PZ 22 inch Ultra Slim LED Widescreen 16:9 TV with Full HD 1080P

Key Features
  • Premium LED Full HD 1080P
  • Full HDTV with DTV tunerUSB
  • Quick View HD Play
  • Excellent Connectivity for Multi-entertainment
  • Mega Contrast Ratio

LG leads the evolution of monitor TV with the new M50D. Its beautiful vivid picture quality with superb contrast ratio is matched only by its slim design. It is optimised for various digital broadcasting formats such as MPEG4, DVBC, DVBT, FHD and more. And it also plays media files without a PC through a USB port. Take a glimpse into the future of monitor TV through LG’s new M50D, and witness what lies beyond technology.

Stylish Evolution on Your Desk
Slim & Sleek
The multi-function of M50D is contained in its 16.8mm slim design. The highly glossy black surface makes its refined look.

Elegant Curve
M50D's eye-catching design artfully merges the flat front and gently curved back panel into an elegant monitor that meets your expectation every time.

Transparent Neck
Shining like a crystal glass, the transparent neck of M50D becomes a design point that harmonizes well with the black- coloured body.

Surround X
LG's Surround X maximizes the reality of entertainment contents by delivering vivid 3D sound. By reproducing crisp and vivid human voice, Surround X brings life into the experience of watching movies and TV shows, playing games, and listening to music.

Violet lighting
A soft violet light glows whenever the monitor is on, to give it a luxurious look.

Lightning-fast response time
M50D has lightning-fast response time of 5ms, enabling the reproduction of crisp images even when playing back fast and dynamic video clips. Enjoy speedy and dynamic online games, action films, and sports without any fuzziness or afterimage.

Aspect Ratio Control
The 16:9 Real Wide screen enables the full screen rendition of movies without image distortion or letterboxing. Likewise, games and movies produced in 4:3 format can be enjoyed in their original form as they are converted and displayed without any distortion.

Simple Multimedia Setting for Various Content
M50D supports a Picture Mode that provides preset backlight, contrast, brightness, and sharpness that are optimized for different contents such as game and movies. Moreover, the Sound Mode offers equalizer settings that support realistic and dynamic sound reproduction for music and sports.

Multitasking Display
Now, you no longer need to close windows to open new ones. As LG Monitor TVs range from 20 to 23 inches, you can open two A4-sized windows side by side or use gadgets and sidebars while having another window open. You don't even have to manually adjust the size of each window to fit the screen

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