New e-book: The State of the Kubernetes Ecosystem

Download the latest Kubernetes e-book from Red Hat

Going “cloud native” is the emerging trend in the IT world and containers are at the heart of this. Container orchestration is a key functional requirement for the cloud-native development platforms. CIOs and enterprise architecture (EA) pros are increasingly evaluating Kubernetes (K8S) as the preferred container orchestration solution to accelerate cloud-native development.

“The State of the Kubernetes Ecosystem” e-book provides an indepth look at Kubernetes and the ecosystem around this container orchestration tool. This e-book serves as a primer for both newcomers, assessors and implementers who are looking to make the most of the ecosystem of products and services emerging around Kubernetes.

Download “The State of the Kubernetes Ecosystem” e-book to:

  • Get a good understanding of the Kubernetes platform, components & architecture;
  • Gain insight on the Kubernetes DevOps pipeline;
  • Access a checklist to evaluate Kubernetes;
  • Learn about best practices for overcoming issues with Kubernetes in production;