Blue Microphones was founded in 1995 with the belief that technical innovation and cutting-edge design can combine to create a family of audio tools that not only look inspiring, but sound like nothing else on the planet. Building on years of repairing and improving classic Golden Age microphones and recognising advances in digital processing (extended frequency response, dynamic range and project recording capability) Blue fundamentally changed the way microphones are imagined, creating a line of mics with custom-designed sonic signatures that make each Blue microphone truly unique and perfectly situated to take advantage of today’s increased digital bandwidths. Or to put it simply: the perfect analogue devices for the digital age.

Every studio series mic contains its own propriety capsule that is hand-tested and approved to capture specific sonic signatures in specific ways. The result is an ever growing portfolio of professional microphones that create a full palette of sounds, enabling artists to realise the sonic landscape of their vision.

Blue Microphones is 100% committed to getting the very best microphones in the world into the hands of those who have a passion for high quality audio; this is their heritage and will always be the core focus of everything they do. From the uncompromising and revolutionary Bottle to the desktop/studio flexibility of the Yeti Pro, every product reflects Blue’s rare expertise and inimitable design sense.

Inspiration from old to new

Creating something truly new requires inspiration. Blue Microphone find that inspiration in the designs, products and traditions of the past, present and future. From their unique finishes, artful details, or daring industrial designs, each of their products is intended to inspire the artist that uses them. They believe that a great tool should do more than just ‘work’ – it should inspire.


Every Blue product should look and feel as good as it sounds. You can feel it in the weight of their precision- machined assemblies or the remarkably tight fit of each component, it can be seen in the remarkable textures and flawless plating of their microphone bodies and you can appreciate it in the craftsmanship that goes in to the manufacture of all of their products.

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