Flic is a stylish, wireless smart button that can remotely launch and control a range of smart phone apps.

Shortcut Labs, the creator of Flic, designed the smart button to offer a physical shortcut to launch, play, change or stop digital functions on mobile smart phones and tablets. When pushed, the wireless button launches a pre-configured task on the user’s device whether the user is on the go, at home or at work.

Using a simple app, this cool wireless Bluetooth gadget can be programmed with up to three functions and attached to any surface, from bathroom walls to bicycle handle bars.

Flic Smart Button


With a lifespan of five years on a single, replaceable watch battery, Flic can do so many things. From controlling music to taking photos to navigating home, the possibilities are endless! With an app for Android and iOS, users simply choose which actions they want to trigger when they click, double click or hold down their button.

It uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with a device and is compatible with iPhone 4s and later, iPad 3rd generation and later and select Android devices with 4.3 and later, and Bluetooth 4.0.


Flic comes with a re-usable adhesive sticker so users can fix it to any surface. It also comes with a Clip, so it can be attached to clothes and taken anywhere.

Flic integrates with a huge range of smart home devices and apps including Sonos, Philips Hue, Facebook, Spotify, Chromecast and many more…

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