Protect your home or business with HomeGuard CCTV kits

HomeGuard is a DIY consumer security brand with a mission to deliver the latest and most advanced technology to market in their security camera and DVR systems. They offer a range of affordable high-quality CCTV solutions and services including CCTV kits, IP cameras and alarm systems for home or small business security. Their comprehensive range is characterised by ever evolving, feature rich, high performance products with distinctive designs.

Originally founded in the UK, HomeGuard has been a pioneering brand, taking surveillance technology to new markets and is now a worldwide brand, available across Europe, The United States and South Africa, among others.

With more than 6 million incidents of crime reported in England and Wales in 2015, Homeguard felt it was important to produce a range of cost effective, easy to install surveillance products that would meet the demand to protect your property and family.

Simple to set up & requiring only basic DIY skills to install, Homeguard CCTV kits offer the end user 24 hour/ 7days a week protection with easy to connect cameras which are just a ‘twist-fit’.

The cameras capture superb, high definition footage up to 1080P which is great for recording details such as facial features or car number plates and with automatic Night vision technology you are completely protected on even the darkest of nights. There is no need to worry about the harsh British weather either as the cameras are fully weatherproof.HomeGuard Security

With up to 8 cameras all recording 24/7 it is important to ensure all recorded footage is stored away safely, so we only ever use fast CCTV grade Hard Disk Drives (HDD’s) from Western Digital which are designed for 24/7, always-on, high-definition security systems. All this footage is saved directly to the included Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for future viewing and we provide a useful backup tool if you ever need to provide the authorities with a copy of any incident.

HomeGuard CCTV Kits can be relied upon to provide detailed, vital evidence in the event of a crime being committed. It will help to protect against criminal activity and actively deter criminals from targeting your property. Just because you are not at home is no reason to worry! We have you covered here also, as we offer the feature to connect to your system using your mobile phone, tablet or PC & receive alerts on your phone if an incident is occurring where you can then view it live in real time!

Easy to install, Simple to use, Fully Protected – HomeGuard.

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