Homido – turn your smartphone into the ultimate Virtual Reality device!

Homido is a French company, launched in 2015 and made up of a team of experienced professionals in the fields of 3D cinema, virtual reality, mobile app development, product design and manufacturing. The start-up was a pioneer in the virtual reality mobile headset market, designing and manufacturing VR headsets for smarpthones.

Today, Homido has grown to become one of the leading names in the mobile VR market. They’re listed in major retailers in over 30 countries, and have sold more than 550 000 units across the globe.

Homido is the world’s most versatile virtual reality headset and works with Android, iOS and Windows smartphones, from 4.2 to 6”. In addition to their existing range of VR headsets, the company also focus on creating new models, accessories and software, in order to offer the best user-friendly experience.

The company has developed their own VR applications such as the Homido center, which centralises all the latest VR content, allowing easy access for end users. The Homido Center is home to thousands of apps, including games, virtual tours and 360° videos.