Jivo Technology

Jivo Technology was founded in 2006, with one simple aim to design and manufacture a range of products that would enhance the experience of the everyday technology user.

Jivo have pieced together a highly skilled team in key areas including design, sales & marketing, logistics and sourcing, to bring the customer the ultimate experience when ordering a product.

Ready-made solution

In addition to their quality products, what makes Jivo Technology stand out is their ready-made solution available to roll out into retail, incorporating every necessary accessory for all tech users, fully branded and store ready.



  • Jivo Travel Adapter with dual USB – compatible in over 150 countries
  • Fuel pod – an essential companion to keep devices fueled up and ready to go
  • + wall & in-car chargers and USB cables



  • Jivo Jellies – available in a cool range of colours, the Jivo Jellies will suit any taste
  • Jivo Metal Pro – these earphones deliver amazing dynamic audio, giving users a whole other level of audio experience
  • + audio cables

cms-distribution jivo technology jellies-earphones-audio


  • Jivo Flex – flexible TPU shell that blends soft protection with semi-rigid structure
  • Jivo Folio – primium finish, wallet style protection for iPhone
  • Jivo Tough – two-piece solution that offers dual layers of protection and style
  • Jivo Rugged – tactile protective case with superior silicone protection and rugged ergonomic grip
  • Jivo Combo – two-piece solution that offers dual layers of protection and style
  • Jivo Clarity – a hybrid protection with outer clear TPU and a double injected ultra-protective silicone inner edging
  • Jivo Samurai – Japanese tempered glass
  • Jivo Shell – form-fitting frosted shell that protects MacBook’s from scuffs and scratches



  • Jivo Universal Sports Armband – designed to be a comfortable fit during workouts and universal to fit several models of smartphones
  • Jivo  Selfie Stick – extendable to 85cm and Bluetooth controlled
  • + smartphone car holders


Jivo Go Gear Range

  • Jivo 11-in-1 Kit – the complete accessory kit for Go Pros and other action cameras
  • Jivo 6-in-1 Kit – a concise collection of must-haves for Go Pros and other action cameras
  • Jivo Extendable Boom – extend the capabilities of Go Pros and action cameras
  • Jivo Cuff – wrist mount for action cameras
  • Jivo Perch Shoulder Mount –   shoulder mount for action cameras


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