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Nimble Storage was founded in 2008 with the core belief that flash, cloud and big data analytics would disrupt the storage market. They believed that these catalysts created an opportunity to deliver unprecedented application performance and infrastructure with non-stop availability.

Why Nimble?

Data Velocity Delivered

Immediate access to data is essential for enterprises to maintain competitive edge. The Predictive Flash Platform combines flash storage with predictive analytics to deliver data velocity.

Closing the App-Data Gap

Complex infrastructure creates an app-data gap that disrupts data delivery. Closing the gap requires predicting and preventing barriers to data velocity.

Nimble App-Data Gap

Nimble_predictive_flash_platform_graphicInfoSight – predict and prevent issues to avoid downtime
Unified Flash Fabric – Integrate All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays into a single managed entity. With a single click, it accelerates, protects and scales to meet changing application needs.
Timeless Storage – Gain cloud-like agility with Nimble’s commitment to customer success.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership by 33-66%

Absolute Performance that Scales – Sustain 1.2M+ IOPS with sub-ms latency. Scale to over 8PB in a cluster.

Non Stop Availability – 99.9997% measured uptime across their entire installed base.

Cloud-like Agility – Effortless operations with centralised storage managed in the cloud, Storage on Demand capacity and all inclusive licensing.

Nimble Storage Unified Flash

The Unified Flash Fabric combines All Flash and Hybrid Flash Arrays into a single consolidated architecture. Learn how you can tailor your environment to efficiently address the full range of application performance needs.

Nimble Storage flash-optimised hybrid storage systems are engineered from the ground up for maximum efficiency by integrating the exceptional performance of flash with the favorable economics of high-capacity hard disk drives. This hybrid solution provides adaptive performance and scalable capacity for storing and protecting critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server, server virtualisation, database and virtual desktops (VDI).

Unified Flash Fabric makes the Flash Data Centre a reality

The Unified Flash Fabric enables flash for all Enterprise Applications by unifying All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays into a single consolidation architecture with common data services.

Enterprises can deploy All Flash, Adaptive Flash or a combination of both to meet the varying needs of all applications. Since both arrays run the same NimbleOS, management and functionality are identical and arrays can be clustered together and managed as one.


Partner Program

Nimble Storage provide their channel partners with incentives, sales enablement tools and resources and certifications to accelerate growth of their business and increase their value to their mutual customers. Click here to register as a Nimble Partner.

The Nimble Storage Partner Program focuses on building their partners’ abilities to deliver effective architectures and solutions of products, services and software platforms. The program offers training in the latest Nimble Storage solutions and integrated architectures, in addition to branding resources. Their value-based approach rewards partners with increased incentives as they add value to their Nimble Storage business.

CMS Distribution have been the authorised Nimble Storage partner in Ireland since 2013, supporting reseller partners with distribution, business and technical services.

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