PIQ is a motion tracker that lets you record all your sports sessions. No matter how many sports you play, we’ve got you covered! One single sensor with dedicated apps and accessories means you can use PIQ with all the sports you choose to play.

PIQ is a motion tracker paired with data-analyzing apps for all the sports you love. With your multisport sensor, you can measure everything: ski turns, kiteboard jumps, golf swings, tennis strokes and much more!

PIQ Sensor Charger

At PIQ, they are a happy bunch of sports lovers with one single goal in mind. The sole drive, from dawn to dusk, is to make your next sport session more exciting!


PIQ is an amazing sensor and a suite of apps we’ve developed hand-in-hand with the leading sports brands we’ve partnered with. In order to get out there and start playing, there are a few easy steps you should follow.

Your smartphone will get millions of data points from your sensor, and will display your results after each session.

Created and designed for precision and ease of use, the PIQ sensor is packed full with technology to measure and make sense of motions, movements, and shocks. Super slim, it becomes one with your equipment for a flawless experience.


They deeply believe that sports have shaped who we are today as persons and want to share that passion with as many people as possible.

Their own collective experience has also shown us how sports should be all about fun. Yes, they value performance in its sheer form but also think everyday sports should be funnier than they usually are. That is why they have embarked on that journey to design trackers and apps that will allow users to play sports like they never have: getting real-time info on how they play, sharing that info with friends, and challenging these same friends, all of that in good fun.

Whether they are kiteboarders, runners, golfers, tennis champs or yogi masters, the people behind PIQ are deeply committed to making sports more fun. They come from a broad range of expertise, be it consumer electronics, software, telco, consumer products, or from the sports industry, they bring unique expertise to the venture.

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