– simple, useful and affordable smart sensors. SensePeanuts are a new generation of smart sensors designed to easily solve one of daily life’s concerns at an incredible price. They simply connect to smartphones using Bluetooth with the free SensePeanut companion app. Peanuts ThermoPeanut

thermopeanut-smartphone-peanut-enThermoPeanut simply connects to the user’s smartphone with Bluetooth Smart. Using the SensePeanut companion app, they can check the current temperature or history.

  • Monitor a home’s temperature to save energy
  • Measure the temperature in specific places, on appliances or on the go
  • Get alerted when it’s too hot or too cold
  • Learn from temperature history to make smart choices GuardPeanut

GuardPeanutGuardPeanut simply connects to smartphones using Bluetooth Smart. Using the SensePeanut companion app, users will be alerted when any of your valuables or objects are moved when they shouldn’t be. Users can also view an unlimited timeline of the object’s movement history.

  • Keep an eye on stuff
  • Get alerted when items are moved
  • Dashboard includes real-time motions
  • Contact form