CMS Distribution added Sengled to our consumer portfolio in November 2015. Sengled is an internationally active supplier of innovative lighting solutions with more than 10 years’ experience in the lighting industry.

The company has registered more than 200 patents both domestically and internationally. Since 2002, Sengled has invested in research and development, as well as the manufacture of LED bulbs.

As a manufacturer of energy saving LED bulbs, Sengled are constantly researching innovative products. They started their small lighting portfolio in 2014 and presented their first smart home products to a global audience, highlighting a focus on innovative lighting technologies which are both user and environmentally friendly.

Sengled Smart Lighting – ‘Always Surprising!’

As a leading LED smart lighting manufacturer, based in China, they introduced their extension of innovative smart lighting products for consumers at IFA 2014 in Berlin: launching Boost, the global first built-in Wi-Fi repeater LED bulb and Pulse 7.1, an extension of the product early launched in the USA and Europe.

As an important link of smart home, Sengled is dedicated to exploring smart lighting opportunities by integrating more functions using brand new technology into LED lighting products so as to bring continuous surprise to customers, completely change their home life and make light more meaningful.

“It is our vision becoming an innovation driver. We will bring endless smart products with practical, funny and convenient, and benefits for users and new user experiences”, says Johnson Shen, Chief Executive Officer.

They offer commercial customers and private users a new lighting experience that is both safe and practical in its application. Their products can be integrated seamlessly and offer a high level of comfort while being inconspicuous.

Sengled’s mantra ‘Always Surprising’ is what drives them to create inventive and intelligent lighting solutions, innovative ideas and beautiful design. They understand the ever-evolving demand for better living. Less complications, more fun and brighter experiences. Their products are easy to install, intuitively operated and can be seamlessly integrated into the home.

The range of Sengled smart lighting is available from the CMS Store

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