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Smarter create beautiful digital appliances with integrated wifi!

The team at Smarter are passionate about technology and want to provide customers with a great product experience. Together with a team of professors and doctors of wireless technology Smarter have created beautiful digital appliances with integrated wifi! Pop the kettle/ coffee on is a sentence uttered in most households more than once a day. Smarter have made that job a little easier!

It was our CEO, Christian Lane who first created Smarter in 2013 with the launch of the world’s first Wi-Fi connected kettle. His vision was to create a truly connected home that was accessible, affordable and simply put, understandable. As a British technology company, what better place to start than the much loved traditional British kettle.Smarter Kitchen

“When the TV remote was invented there was outrage. Why did we need a remote when the monitor is just in front of us! Anyway, it turns out it was rather ingenious even if people didn’t see it at the time.  Now you can’t imagine buying a TV without a remote, there would be an uproar! The iKettle is exactly the same.

The iKettle is a fantastic introduction to becoming a part of the Smarter community and adopting the Smarter way of life. Users find themselves being the talk of their friends and saving a huge amount of time and effort.

“We have built a great foundation and have big plans in creating an affordable yet easy to use, connected kitchen.”

The home is where the kitchen is.

Smarter believe that the heart of the home rests in the kitchen. It is the place that you automatically go to when you get up in the morning, when you feel hungry, thirsty, and the place you gravitate to at parties and the last place you leave when you go to bed. There is always a task to do or a chore to be done. It is truly the centre of all of our lives.

Stay connected with your kitchen and live Smarter

The kitchen is no longer a place of mundane chores, it is the centre of your home. So it makes perfect sense to have complete control at the glance of your phone from anywhere in the world. We combine the latest home innovation with real life necessity, creating a connected kitchen that works for you.

Working together, in harmony

Our products work together, for you. Through one app you can select whether you want tea or coffee, for how many people and at what strength. Great for being super productive or for getting everyone connected via the app for those lazy Sunday afternoons with the family.

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