CMS Distribution added tado° to their consumer portfolio in 2015. tado° offers an innovative smart energy solution which enhances heating and energy efficiency performance.

tado° Smart energy management

One third of the energy consumed around the world is used for heating or cooling buildings. The systems used for this are controlled by non-smart technology that has been outdated for decades. tado° believe in state-of-the-art intelligent technology that fully automatically ensures that no energy is wasted.

tado° have been working to optimise energy consumption of buildings and adjusting it to the actual demand of the residents since autumn 2010. They question the old by developing new hardware- and software generation for heating control to replace it. Their objective is to create a solution that is simple, elegant and perfectly intuitive.

Designed in Munich. Made in the E.U.” – Headquartered in Munich, tado° combine technical development, design, sales and customer service under a single roof. They have their hardware produced in the E.U. to ensure that everything is technically perfect and uncompromisingly user-friendly.

They have developed their product in close cooperation with their users from the beginning. tado° has been running for two years in many households throughout Germany and other European Countries.

Control of tado° takes place almost entirely in its smartphone apps for iOS and Android. The minimalistic white box on the wall doesn’t even have a screen, nor does it have sensors. So, for example, while other competitor devices know when its owners have left the apartment because it can’t sense movement, tado° knows because each occupant has the app on their phone, and it can track their location.

There are at least two advantages to this approach – it should be quicker to tell that they’re gone (by default, Nest waits two hours before turning down the heating), and it also lets tado°’s systems automatically turn the heating back up when the occupant is heading home.

tado° is available from the CMS Store

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