Thalmic are changing the way people interact with technology.

At Thalmic Labs, we’re making revolutionary wearable technologies that will fundamentally change the way we interact with computers.
The multidisciplinary team is inventing wearable technology that seamlessly blends the real and the digital worlds.Thalmic Myo

Our researchers are making scientific breakthroughs to reinvent our relationships with computers. The Myo armband is the first input device in the world to use the electrical activity of muscles to control technology.

Our industrial designers and engineers work together to explore future wearable form factors. Our manufacturing team takes these scientific breakthroughs and finds ways to manufacture these technologies in-house on a grand scale.

The visions of the product and marketing teams truly make an impact in moving technology forward. Focusing on developers and partnerships, Myo has reached the hands of tech enthusiasts in nearly 150 countries worldwide.


Thalmic’s first product, the Myo armband, reads the electrical activity of your muscles to control technology with gestures and motion, hands-free.

The Myo armband is changing an amputee’s life by giving him control over a prosthetic hand with researchers at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

World-famous DJ, Armin van Buuren, is using two Myo armbands to control the lights and stage effects during performances all over the world.

Surgeons in operating rooms in Spain are using Myo armbands to navigate medical slides while performing surgery.

The Myo armband’s proprietary EMG sensors, built in-house by Thalmic Labs, are being used in combination with a highly sensitive motion sensor to translate American Sign Language on a computer screen. The Myo technology has the potential to rapidly accelerate the way that the hearing impaired communicate with those who do not know the language.

Thalmic Labs, led by mechatronics engineers Stephen Lake, Matthew Bailey, and Aaron Grant, we’re revolutionizing how we will interact with technology in the future.

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