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UBTECH ROBOTICS CORP is a high-tech enterprise engaging in the R&D, manufacture, as well as promoting and popularising robots around the world. They are the first company in China dedicated to commercialising humanoid robots, making them walk out of the research institution and become available to everyone.

The UBTECH team is composed of experienced PhD and MSc robotics experts in both software and hardware. They possess several national patents, including patents in invention, utility model, industrial design, as well as software copyright.

UBTECH have long been cooperating with top research institutions and universities, e.g. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Harbin Institute of Technology, making them a world-leading company in robotics R&D and manufacturer of humanoid intelligent robots.

With their own innovative technology and outstanding creativity, UBTECH are working to create the intelligent robot that can interact with people, help and serve people.

UBTECH starts a new era of intelligent robot time. We believe that we will bring robots to every home, and truly integrate intelligent robots into daily life of common people, creating a more intelligent and human-friendly way of leisure life.

UBTECH Robotics is dedicated to bringing a robot into every home and integrating intelligent robots into your daily life, creating a more intelligent and human-friendly way of leisure life.


The Alpha 1S is a 40 cm tall, fully assembled robot that can be controlled in real-time with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology. The Alpha 1S can be directed to move forward, in reverse, left and right around the living room, homemade obstacle courses or anywhere else. Play football, sing songs and dance with the Alpha 1S and your friends. Get creative and program the Alpha 1S from your computer with advanced 3D software, included as part of the package. Pre-program the robot with full dance sets, as well as yoga and exercise routines.

UBTECH Alpha 1S Robot

The Alpha 1S cannot be a babysitter just yet, but it can read stories to your kids. In addition, it can be used get the kids excited for school and as an alarm clock too. The Alpha 1S has 16 servos, which allow it to behave with near human-like motions. The shock-resistant, anti-pitch, aluminum alloy body shell makes the Alpha 1S toy sturdy, durable and safe for children. It also charges quickly, which allows for 60 minutes of play time.


UBTECH Robotics has launched a new line of Jimu Robot kits designed to enhance the STEM skills and interest of kids ages 8-14. The Buzzbot and Muttbot Kit, Explorer Kit and Inventor Kit allow kids to build robots such as penguins, rhinos, elephants and humanoids. The programming is done with Blockly code in the companion Jimu Robot App.


There’s also an online Jimu community, UBTECH says, where kids can share their creations and check out what other users have created. There will be instructions on how to build, program and control Jimu Robots in both the online community and app.

UBTECH Robotics values and respects every staff member. We provide superior quality, function and service, which made us grow fast and become the leader in the commercialized robot industry.

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