11 phishing attacks e-book

11 phishing attacks e-book

Phishing and other social engineering attacks are only increasing in frequency, and unfortunately, sophistication.

Today, over 90% of cyberattacks begin with a user clicking on a phishing email. As these attacks evolve rapidly and users continue to be the weakest security link – all it takes is just one employee to put an entire business at risk. Therefore, implementing effective anti-phishing best practices should be top of mind for today’s growing businesses.

A recent Webroot report quizzed workers worldwide on their phishing knowledge and clicking habits, and the results clearly show there is a lot to be done in the way of education.

  • 48% of office workers have had their data compromised
  • Nearly 1 in 3 of them didn’t change their account passwords afterwards
  • 49% of employees admitted to clicking on links from unknown senders at work

A single click on a malicious link can give cybercriminals access to sensitive information such as admin credentials and could lead them directly to critical business data.

Here are some phishing prevention tips to protect businesses:

Invest in technology. While it is always important to back up sensitive data and invest in both next-gen antivirus and URL filtering, don’t skimp on investing in IT security technology.

Don’t overlook threat intelligence. Invest in pre-emptive measures like signing up for actively updated threat intelligence to help predict future attacks, raise awareness on new attack types and even flag emails from high-risk areas. Phishing threat intelligence can also extract key indicators-of-compromise from newer phishing threats.

Invest in security awareness training.

Given today’s evolving threat landscape, teaching employees about good password practices and using a password manager aren’t enough. It’s imperative to train employees on how to identify phishing emails and even test them periodically. The best way to do so is by investing in security awareness training.

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