50 percent of businesses are planning to break up with their backup vendor

50 percent of businesses are planning to break up with their backup vendor

Better data protection has saved Arcserve customers millions – and a whole lot of heartache.

One in two companies are planning to ditch their backup vendor because of high costs and the time required to keep their backups functioning. With Arcserve, your customers get the simplicity they need and the performance they require. Meet any backup window and restore SLAs.

Moving on from an expensive, high-maintenance relationship

Your customers are looking to break free from long-term maintenance costs that drain their budget. If they try Arcserve today, they will reset their maintenance to give them battle-tested data protection with real ROI.

Deploy plug-and-play appliances. Double the value, half the cost.

Arcserve have married their superior technologies with the ease of a backup appliance so simple, it can be unboxed and deployed in 15 minutes flat.

Customers can get 50% off the Arcserve all-in-one appliances and maintenance when they replace a competitive appliance now, through September 28, 2018.

Ask your customer if they are seeing any of these five signs – If so, it’s time to break free from their backup vendor.

The solution was made for VMs.
Effectively protect an entire infrastructure without bolted-on products to cover the gaps. Boost productivity by 50% with a unified solution and single UI to protect to and from any target.
Difficulty meeting SLAs.
The vendor should support any scenario so they can meet any business requirement. Discover solution completeness for long-term retention to built-in high availability. Restore SLAs, easily.
Tied down by the vendor’s cloud.
They can unchain themselves from vendor limitations. Get advanced cloud protection with virtual standby, instant VM and high availability to public cloud.
They lack stakeholder transparency.
Easily guarantee system availability without separate solutions for advanced testing and reporting. Get non-disruptive, automated testing and SLA reports – built-in.
It takes a village to deploy and manage.
Free up IT resources with user-led, simple deployment and app-specific workflows. Use one console for visibility across all systems and data.

Your customers can lower their TCO by saving 20X more storage capacity.

Arcserve have created the most powerful deduplication available to eliminate data redundancy across all storage systems. Improve performance and use less bandwidth by only sending changes over the network.

Contact our arcserve product manager today if your customer is seeing the signs of a much needed breakup.