7 truths about backup and Recovery Solutions’ Market Demand

7 truths about backup and Recovery Solutions’ Market Demand

Data has become one of an organisation’s most valuable assets, requiring diligent safekeeping, hence the increase in demand for backup solutions being directly proportional.

Here are the 7 truths that create demand for new generation solutions that protect any data, in any environment, across all locations and on any device.

  1. Data is everything

Customer records, financial and billing information, and important documents – all this data is necessary for business continuity.

Unfortunately, a study last year by Spiceworks found that 45% of small businesses had suffered a data loss.

When any data, whether billing information or application code, is damaged or lost, businesses’ profitability and productivity suffer. Financial risks are particularly high in industries like healthcare and finance where strict regulatory and compliance requirements must be adhered to.

A recent IDC study* conducted with Acronis, found that more that ¾ of companies estimated that every hour of downtime for critical application costs more than $20,000.

  1. Data is Increasingly Difficult to Protect

Data is the new currency in our digital world. And there’s more data — on more devices and in more places — that must be protected and stored every day.  For example an American worker produces more than 1,750 GB of data per year.

  1. Disasters are inevitable

The average hard drive’s lifetime is of 6 years, but 5% die within the first year.  The harsh reality is that hardware fails, people make mistakes and natural disaster occurs.

  1. Modern Data Requires New Generation Data Protection

IT environments are becoming more complex every day due to virtualisation, cloud, data growth, use of mobile devices and BYOD. This is why you should sell the new generation data protection solutions that are built for today’s virtual, physical, cloud and mobile environments.

  1. Recovery Matters Most

Data protection isn’t about making copies of data to fill up extra storage. Data protection really is about recovery. When something goes awry, IT needs to ensure the company is back up and running quickly and minimize the impact as much as possible. For any hour of downtime the average costs are: $6,900 for small companies and $74,000 for midsized companies.

  1. Flexibility Matters

Everybody likes solutions that fit like a glove. The companies want everything they need without having to pay for extra features that just complicate things.

With traditional data protection solutions, organisations have to choose between affordable but incomplete point products, and feature-rich but highly complex and expensive platforms. With today’s new generation solutions, IT gets the best of both worlds: best-in-class individual products that seamlessly blend together into an easy, complete and safe solution.

  1. If it’s not easy, it won’t work

The biggest concern is backup complexity. Many small businesses do not have dedicated IT staff and instead rely on employees who handle backup among numerous other duties. This is why the companies need a solution that’s easy, reliable and works perfectly the first time to avoid spending excessive time or making costly mistakes with critical data assets.

Acronis® Backup Advanced suite delivers the best in class data protection products for the entire environment. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, the suite provides the fastest, most efficient backup and recovery available for your Windows®/ Linux environments and VMware®, Microsoft®, Citrix®, Red Hat®, and Oracle® hypervisors – including the operating system, applications, configurations and data. Moreover, it is the perfect answer for the above mentioned 7 backup truths and market demands:

  • It is a new generation solution that protects any data, in any environment, across all locations and on any device.
  • It is easy, reliable and works perfectly the first time;
  • Uses simple technologies that can handle complex tasks seamlessly;
  • Best-in-class individual products that seamlessly blend together into an easy, complete and safe solution. Read the Datasheet.

Contact Ketan Gohil, our Acronis Product Manager, to learn more on the opportunities and get support on becoming an Acronis Partner.

Read the full IDC study by clicking here: Study Case