Announcing the Keynote Speakers for CMS Connect 2020

Announcing the Keynote Speakers for CMS Connect 2020

Inspiration in Gaming Innovation

It is no doubt that keynote speakers have become an integral component in improving business practice. Such speakers are willing to share lessons learnt over the years in their industry to help others move their companies forward – making for a fascinating addition to any corporate event.

Keynote speakers make for fantastic entertainment at a wide range of events and have the ability to inspire, educate and motivate audiences.

So it is with great pleasure that CMS Distribution is delighted to announce our two keynote speakers for this year’s CMS Connect event

James Dean

James Dean is the founder and Managing Director of the ESL UK subsidiary, building the ESL brand and community on a regional level. James began his career in IT writing for a large UK computer magazine while studying for a Degree in Computer Science. After graduating, James managed the PC division of a well-known computer retailer in the UK and 2004 launched a gaming brand of PCs.

In 2006, James founded a sales, marketing and PR company specialising in services for the IT and gaming industry which shaped the foundation of the ESL UK franchise in 2012. In 2015, ESL set and still holds records for the largest ever online audience for a UK esports tournament, at two subsequent events in London. In 2016, the ESL brand owner, Turtle Entertainment GmbH formally acquired James’ company and opened the UK’s first purpose-built esports gaming studio as part of a continued growth plan for UK esports.

James will talk around eSports; where it’s come from where it’s going, the influence on the gaming channel and where SI’s can get involved in eSports is his keynote presentation at CMS Connect 2020

Adam McCormick

Adam is the Consumer Business Manager for NVIDIA, the inventors of the GPU that sparked the growth of the worldwide PC gaming market and redefined modern computer graphics.

Adam’s career began in Telecoms and Consumer Electronics, working for the likes of Vodafone, Nokia and Motorola, managing key relationships with the Mobile Network Operators, Distributors and Retailers.

NVIDIA set out 26 years ago to transform computer graphics. Fuelled by the massive growth of the gaming market and an insatiable demand for better 3D graphics, it’s evolved the GPU into a computer brain at the intersection of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence. It’s paved the way to new levels of art and realism and is the essential tool of the da Vincis and Einsteins of our time.

With GeForce being the world’s largest gaming platform, Adam will be providing insight into the latest PC gaming trends, and how NVIDIA’s line-up of GeForce RTX GPUs has achieved a level of photorealism never before seen in PC gaming.

CMS Connect 2020

CMS Connect is a one-day event, helping customers explore the latest industry trends and discover emerging consumer technology. The 2020 focus is on how Innovation with Gamification is changing the way we use technology in the retail space and takes place on the 4th March at The Brewery in central London.

If you need any real observable proof of the speedy advancement of digital technology over the years, take a long look at the gaming industry.

From immersive gaming, advancements in VR, open-source multiple playing and cloud innovations, the gaming industry is leading the way in understanding how the technology revolution can inspire and motivate change in the retail sector

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