Are you ready to work from home?

Are you ready to work from home?

Everyone will need their own customised working from home solution.  The question remains, though – are the workforce ready for a full-scale remote working operation?

The reality is evidently clear.  If we want to keep business moving, we must, as business leaders, adapt to change and allow staff to carry on working in a home environment.

But how can we know that employees are equipped and ready for the potential rigours of remote working with family, the kitchen and that grass that needs cutting temptations that may lead minds astray?

The team from CMS, well drilled in the art of home working thanks to the skilled technical assistance of our IT division, have put together a handy guide for our customers, partners and resellers to use to make sure everyone is ready to support the quest to help businesses to keep moving.

Step 1 – Prepare your remote office

Just because you’re not working at an office doesn’t mean you can’t have an office. Rather than cooping yourself up in your room or on the sofa, spaces that are associated with leisure time, dedicate a specific place or surface in your home to work.

Step 2 – Create your desk space

Whatever your business, you’ll at least need some desk space to work on. Google search for “ergonomic desk set up” will yield instructions on how to set up your chair, keyboard, mouse, screen and desk height to ensure that you can sit in the most comfortable and healthy position.


Step 3 – Invest in a good chair

Like in many modern-day offices, the art of sitting is a serious case of true staff happiness. The choice of a chair will impact the comfort, concentration and wellbeing during every minute of potential self-isolation, so it’s imperative to make sure everyone is comfortable.

CMS Recommends – why need go all out and invest in a Gaming chair from MSI or AeroCool?


Step 4 – Test your Internet Connection

Nothing can be more frustrating than a home network connection that is pale in comparison to anything you have at work.  Speed is of the essence, especially if sharing with bored teenagers playing online computer games.  Use Speedtest by Ookla to see if the broadband is up to scratch.

CMS Recommends – Mobile Broadband Networking Solutions from DrayTek


Step 5 – Set up your communications

With meetings now going virtual, the need for good video conferencing calling is essential.  CMS uses Zoom, Skype and Teams to make sure our meetings are not missed, but also invest in excellent audio and speaker quality to be heard as well as listen from home.

CMS Recommends – Jabra GN headphones for crystal clear hearing


Step 6 – Invest in a Bigger Screen  

Most of the remote workers will be taking laptops home with them, with clunky desktops firmly remaining in the office. The issue with prolonged squinting at smaller screens may be a concern, so plugging into your TV or upgrading to a remote monitor would be ideal.

CMS Recommends – Iiyama desktop monitors are the perfect partner for remote laptop


Step 7 – Connect your set up

The fully integrated home office only works with the right universal docking system for the laptop – one that can offer external ports, charging points, cable connections working with both USB-C and USB-A laptops.

CMS Recommends – Startech offers a multitude of docking solutions


Step 8 – Update your Software Security

With more of your customers working remotely, it means their devices could be at risk, maintaining safe cybersecurity practices is essential, but a step which could be easily overlooked in the frantic rush to get everything ready.

CMS Recommends – Software Security Solutions from Acronis, Barracuda, Webroot and Carbonite


Step 9 – Back up your storage

Homeworking does not always come with the added security of safe data storage that the office can bring. Backing up on a non-private VRN can mean that other storage options are needed, especially for those working in design, animation and video industries.

CMS Recommends – Portable and Back up data Storage solutions from SanDisk and LaCie



Step 10 – Prepare for the return to the office

One thing that is for you sure, and as long as we all follow the government guidelines and keep safe, that returning to the work office will be a welcome sight for many in the weeks and months ahead.  With all your new home office equipment, you will need to transport it back in style.

CMS Recommends – Wenger bags are essential to store and carry computer equipment on the go

CMS Distribution

CMS and its partners are committed to helping ensure business continuity in the current climate.  As COVID -19 continues to spread we would like you to know that we’re taking action following government policy. We will update all its partners and customers as to our business strategy in the weeks and months ahead.

Brad Chuck