CMS Distribution Partners with Aerocool

CMS Distribution Partners with Aerocool

CMS Distribution, the value-added IT distributor of business and consumer technology products, has announced that Aerocool, the manufacturer of computer components, has become a certified partner for the distribution of its products and services in the UK.


Established in 2002, today, Aerocool is one of the market leaders in the gaming market, with a strong brand and product image that are well received by gamers and enthusiasts worldwide. They offer a full line of performance products including gaming cases, gaming PSUs, gaming mouse, gaming headsets, gaming keyboard, gaming headsets, Multi-functional panels and fans.

Aerocool is a Taipei-based, global computer components company with an outstanding record in product design and innovation. Driven by the mantra ‘Be Cool, Be Aerocool’ they strive to provide innovation in design yet deliver an affordable solution to PC users worldwide.


“Having a partner like CMS is a great deal for us, as we strive to make a great experience for our customers not only with our award-winning products but the service that is offered from our distribution partner too. This is a very important part of our way of doing business. We both share our passion for making our customers the primary importance in our business.” Dean Shaw, Country Manager, Aerocool.

By partnering with CMS, Aerocool is expanding its operations in the B2B and retail space, bringing with them a fun, innovative and responsible company that will appeal to a new base of resellers and end-users.

“We are delighted to welcome Aerocool to the CMS business. We are confident that CMS has the reach of both retail and B2B customers that will be a fantastic fit for the Aerocool component of computer devices. The Partnership further strengthens our commitment to the progressive Gaming market.” Trevor Pluskota, CTO, CMS Distribution.

Working with CMS

By working with CMS, Aerocool will provide beautifully designed products at a great price for CMS resellers and end-users. Major supplies of stock will be available from the 25th February 2020, and you can contact your CMS Account manager now to discuss options.

As part of the new CMS Gaming division, this partnership furthers strengthens the commitment CMS is making in delivering world-class technology to customers, now with an extra incentive in the gaming sector.

To discuss our gaming proposition, please speak with your account manager today.

To learn more about the Aerocool products on offer, please visit 

Brad Chuck