CMS Distribution and Commvault – a winning partnership

CMS Distribution and Commvault – a winning partnership

CMS Distribution were winners of the Silver award for best SME targeted a campaign at the B2B Marketing Awards last night – but how did they achieve it?

Marketing campaigns in the technology marketplace are typically months in the making, designed by big agencies, and have appropriately substantial budgets. This campaign, for digital storage provider Commvault, broke all these rules and yet delivered exceptional results.

Aspiring to open new doors for their technology, Commvault took an unusual route, approaching us – CMS – their distribution partner, to help. What began as a lead/sales generation brief morphed into a dramatic brand repositioning following a detailed brand audit.

Even more extraordinary is that every element of the resultant creative and integrated campaign – from the audit, messaging, visuals, copywriting, video (scripting, filming, sound, editing, animation) and event organising – was created and delivered by our in-house marketing function within an incredibly tight budget and timeframe.

What we did was be disruptive, brave and, we believe, unprecedented for a distributor.  The results have spoken for themselves.


Commvault is a global data protection and information management software vendor.  Commvault software is the highest value solution in the market today, with the capability built in to solve data management problems through policy-based automation, application integration and global reporting across your customers’ environments. Leveraging the strengths of a single platform, Commvault software delivers unsurpassed feature-for-feature performance against alternative point-level solutions.

Customer perception

“…Commvault is much easier to sell… I’m more confident the customer will buy-in once they see the technology benefits of Commvault. Very good to know there’s such a good team at CMS to support the sale.”

Gary Fung, Senior Account Manager, Total Computers

“…the new perspective event enabled us to gain a better understanding of the Commvault solutions … empowers us to take the new clearer messaging to our clients and deliver initiatives saving them time and strengthening their competitive position.”

Jason Fry, Managing Director, PAV IT

So much more than just a campaign for Commvault

“We have a long and trusting relationship with CMS, which gave us the confidence to give them the challenging task of creating completely new Commvault messaging for the UK & Ireland market. CMS has a deep understanding of the Commvault business, and the challenges faced and through a brand audit with their partners were able to gain a clear picture of the perception in the market of Commvault.

“The campaign was both innovative and successful, engaging partners and producing outstanding ROI through existing and new partners.”

Bobby Dhaliwal, Commvault Channel Director UK & Ireland

Client testimonial

“We are used to helping create new messages for our Distribution Partners, but in the case of CMS, we know that they know Commvault, the trust of their partners and the marketing capabilities to deliver highly innovative digital campaigns.

“The ‘See Commvault from a new perspective’ campaign was a fantastic success, incorporating powerful creatives and messaging which delivered strong results across email, social, web content, PPC, video, sales incentives and a partner roadshow across the UK & Ireland.”

Angharad Davies, Commvault Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA

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