Commvault Solutions for Microsoft Office 365 – Special Offer Available

Wherever your data lives, Commvault has it covered. Where other Office 365 backup and recovery options may leave some data isolated and unprotected, Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery for Office 365 makes sure your data is completely protected. Accelerate the ROI from your investment in Office 365 and keep your valuable data always available.

Microsoft makes it clear that protecting Office 365 data is your customers’ responsibility. Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery covers your customers in all aspects by instilling confidence that their data is protected and accessible anytime, anywhere – regardless of where their data lives, enabling quick and efficient data migrations and regulatory compliance.

Simply put, Commvault provides the most comprehensive, scalable and integrated option for data protection of Office 365 resources.

Solution Overview

Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery for Office 365 delivers unmatched value to your customers:

  • Unified backup and recovery solution for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business data and any other data located on-premises or across multiple clouds
  • Quickly and easily recover data from accidental deletion, corruption or ransomware attacks by storing backup copies of their assets outside of the Office 365 environment
  • Facilitate rapid and efficient migration of on-premises Exchange Mailboxes to Office 365 by archiving redundant and outdated data before moving to Office 365, so only the most recent, business-critical data is moved to the cloud
  • Ensure comprehensive regulatory compliance by searching and retrieving Office 365 data and other data repositories both on-premises and across multiple clouds

The Offer

For a limited time, customers who purchase a 2-year Commvault data protection for their Office 365 subscription will receive a third year at no additional cost.

Commvault data protection for Office 365 covers:

  • Microsoft Exchange™ Online
  • Microsoft SharePoint™
  • Microsoft OneDrive™
  • Microsoft Project™
  • Microsoft Teams™


This offer is valid until 30th September 2020.

***Salesforce will cease data recovery services effective 31st July 2020: Commvault’s data protection solution has you covered! Read more here.***

Please contact the Commvault team at to learn more.