How businesses can support the NHS with Omron

How businesses can support the NHS with Omron

In these testing times for business, it has become imperative to be seen as being supportive and understanding of the current situation that is impacting the UK workforce.

With the NHS under strain, businesses can support the pressures on Doctors and Nurses by acting fast in supporting their employees in checking their own health and advising if self-isolation is necessary.

The NHS stay at home advice is in place to help alleviate the demand that the current outbreak is bringing.  Testing is now limited to extreme cases only; therefore, the advice is only to call or visit your doctor’s surgery or hospital in the worst-case scenarios.


As a leading supplier of connecting technology to customers, CMS partners with the best providers of modern-day technology that supports end-users.

Omron Healthcare is a global leader in the field of clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy.  A leader in both digital blood pressure monitors and nebulizers for respiratory treatment, they also produce highly accurate forehead thermometer systems.

Omron provides a total healthcare management service, aimed at preventing and improving common health problems.  The leading products from Omron that are helping businesses in the current climate include:

Gentle Temp 720 – Forehead Thermometer

Providing fast, contactless and straightforward measurement, the OMRON Gentle Temp 720 is an accurate infrared thermometer with specific features to help keep track of the baby’s temperature with the lowest possible fuss.



M2 – Blood Pressure Monitor

Now you can comfortably, quickly and accurately check your blood pressure and monitor your results quickly. Monitoring is made easy with the fully automatic digital OMRON M2 which features Intellisense Technology for soft cuff inflation. It is so easy to use; you can take readings with just one touch.


M4 Intelli IT – Upper arm blood pressure monitor

It can detect irregular heartbeat during your usual blood pressure monitoring. It also is compatible with our unique app Omron connect, which allows you to track and share your health data.



M7 Intelli IT – Upper arm blood pressure monitor

It detects the possibility of Atrial fibrillation, enabling home monitoring of the condition and giving you peace of mind.



Microair U100 – Nebuliser

The OMRON MicroAIR U100 is a small, portable nebulizer that helps to efficiently treat lower respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis and COPD.


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CMS and its partners are committed to helping ensure business continuity in the current climate.  As COVID -19 continues to spread we would like you to know that we’re taking action following government policy. We will update all its partners and customers as to our business strategy in the weeks and months ahead.