How to save your business up to $445k per year

Released in March 2018, a Total Economic Impact™ Study by independent consultants Forrester has demonstrated the massive impact in cost savings and business benefits of AlienVault’s Unified Security Management (USM) platform.

The main take out is that AlienVault is fundamentally changing how organisations detect threats and manage their compliance – with a typical organisation saving $445k a year.

Their key findings cover direct customer benefits, direct customer savings and managed security service providers (MSSP) benefits.

Here’s a quick summary:

Direct customer benefits

  • AlienVault® made compliance reporting considerably easier for companies, resulting in nearly 6,000 hours of time savings each year.
  • AlienVault USM Anywhere reduces the cost of incidents by improving threat detection and incident response time by 80%.
  • AlienVault provided an 80% security operations staff productivity improvement. As one respondent put it, “Monitoring alerts and logging [has] gone from hours per day to minutes.”
  • Threat intelligence saves time and money – the AlienVault Labs Security Research Team supplies continuous updates for threat correlation rules and directives.

Direct customer savings

  • Average subscription, implementation and training costs for AlienVault® USM Anywhere™ totaled on average $192,729. However, organisations experienced benefits of $1,337,048 on average across the same time period.
  • That adds up to a net present value (NPV) of $1,144,319 – and a six-fold return on investment.

MSSP Benefits

  • AlienVault® enables faster time to profit. As one interviewed MSSP stated, “We were profitable in about 15 months, but if we had to build the platform on our own, it would have cost $500,000 more in resources and delayed our profitability by nearly two and a half years.”
  • AlienVault allows MSSPs to do without an integration team and instead focus on customers’ needs and innovate in key service areas.

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Prove the power of USM for yourself

It just shows how many benefits you can gain from using AlienVault USM – and how much money you could save. Think about it – if it costs $100k a year to employ a security professional and you can get the same effect (or more) for $20k, that’s savings of $80k right there. So it’s easy to see how savings add up.

To find out more about what AlienVault USM could do for your organisation – and for a free trial – simply contact us now.