How to sell more computer memory

How to sell more computer memory

How to sell memory upgrade

Buying a new computer because they’re running slowly may not always be the right decision. A memory upgrade could possibly be the easiest and most effective way to boost your customers computer’s performance.


How to spot a sale

If customers’ are feeling frustrated by an unresponsive computer, it’s likely that lack of memory (RAM) is to blame – meaning an ideal sales opportunity for you. Below are some situations that can create a situation where you can suggest a memory upgrade:

  • Poor performance of everyday tasks
  • Programs that frequently stop responding
  • Constantly waiting for your computer to catch up
  • Files don’t open immediately
  • Unable to run multiple programs at the same time
  • System notifications about low memory


Compatibility check

Your customers rely on your expertise, and trust your recommendations. But with thousands of laptop specifications including RAM, modules, configurations, technology and storage size – how do you provide your customers with the right solution?

Luckily Crucial can help you provide you an answer in less than 60 seconds. The Crucial® Advisor™ and System Scanner tools browse a compatibility database filled with more than 100,000 systems to deliver guaranteed-compatible upgrades.


Installation tips

Would you know how to upgrade your own computer? If not, don’t worry you are not alone. But you can provide your customers with easy, fail-safe step-by-step instructions. Crucial offer a simple to follow 10 step guide that can help as a talk through or your can supply to your customers.