Jabra PanaCast has arrived

Jabra PanaCast has arrived

Remote Meetings are Essential

With international business taking place on a daily basis, remote meetings have become an essential part of the working day. Often companies will have multiple office locations worldwide, where co-ordinating a team to meet in person in the same location can be a momentous, expensive and tedious task. For that reasons, remote meetings are an essential part of a working day, whether is it is to discuss topics with colleagues or speak with external business partners.

For this reason it is no surprise that huddle rooms are becoming extremely popular within a business setting; there is estimated to be 30 to 50 million huddle rooms at present. A “huddle room” is a small meeting-space – where the intention is to equip the space with audio, video and screen-capabilities in order to enable functional working meetings.

How can a business equip a huddle room?

Jabra have an impressive array of suitable products to ensure that a huddle room is being maximised to its fullest potential from a technology point of view. In particular, Jabra are soon to launch the Jabra PanaCast, which can ensure the members of the meeting feel included and present, even when the meeting members are spread out across the globe.

How does the Jabra PanaCast work?

Within a huddle room, the soon-to-launch Jabra PanaCast enables an inclusive meetings with intelligent video technology.

  • Panoramic-4K video using three 13-megapixel cameras and patented real-time video stitching to give 180° coverage, for a more natural view of the huddle room.
  • Intelligent Zoom automatically includes everyone in the conversation, while Vivid HDR ensures the best video experience, even under widely varying lighting conditions.
  • Instant collaboration is made possible with plug-and-play technology that lets you collaborate with others quickly and easily, bringing hassle-free video and audio to your huddle room.
  • It’s versatility means it is compatible with all leading video and audio-conferencing solutions. Certified for use with Microsoft Teams and works with Zoom, Cisco Webex and many more.

How can I become a reseller of Jabra PanaCast**?

To ensure that Jabra Panacast is demonstrated, sold and supported in a professional way, Jabra has implemented a selective distribution.



Jabra PanaCast Bundle Offer: 

Want to get the best value for your investment? Speak to your CMS Distribution sales rep today to hear more about the JabraCast Bundle. Learn more.


Jabra PanaCast ROI Calculator – Try it out! 

Enabling better collaboration is just the beginning. There is significant financial savings due to the 180 degree camera, as your real estate is utilised much better with a panoramic view.


*Source: Frost & Sullivan / Wainhouse Research
**Jabra PanaCast is subject to selective distribution terms & conditions.