Kaminario: Breaking the Rules of Storage

Kaminario: Breaking the Rules of Storage

Everyone knows that flash storage has been gaining momentum over the last couple of years, and this is only expected to continue as we move towards an Internet of Things and analytics driven future. Industry analyst house, IDC, has reported 113 per cent growth in flash storage in EMEA year-on-year. But, up until very recently, flash has been mainly used for specific tasks: for example, accelerating key applications and driving virtualised environments.Kaminario_K2 image

For Kaminario, flash is no longer a niche product – it has matured to become the high performance, general purpose storage solution that enterprises need. With the explosion of the cloud and cloud-based apps along with SaaS becoming a predominant trend in software, access to highly responsive, low-cost storage has become crucial.

2016 will see flash becoming a real alternative to traditional spinning disk products rather than just an add-on. For businesses considering a storage refresh, it is now more than ever all about deciding which flash vendor to go with.

So what makes Kaminario different? Firstly, the Kaminario K2 All Flash Array (AFA) is designed around a unique scale-up, scale-out architecture, meaning that both capacity and performance can be upgraded as needs change over time. With built-in self-optimisation, high availability and automated data protection, K2 consistently delivers low latency, high throughput and excellent IOPS performance for mixed workloads. Finally, Kaminario is the only AFA vendor to guarantee an effective capacity.

This needs-based approach is coupled with a really appealing price point, typically less than £1 per effective GB. Customers usually think they can have only one or the other when it comes to flexibility and price, so it’s liberating for them to break the rules of flash storage and have it all!

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