National Camera Day 2020

CMS Distribution celebrates the preservation of moments, events and people through photography and camera technology, with our partner Verbatim on National Camera Day 2020.

Verbatim Camera Day

June 29th marks the annual National Camera Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the history and technology of cameras and photography. Photography is an important part of everyone’s lives, from personal photography of moments worth remembering, to capturing events and details in professional media and entertainment.

Photography as we know it began in the 1830s in France, whereby pewter plates coated with bitumen were exposed to light using a portable camera obscura. A century and a half of technological advances using different metals, film and chemicals led to the development of the first digital cameras throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Though film is still widely used in today’s photography, digital has become preferred by professionals and enthusiasts due to the fast production, high-quality, and ease of storage of photo files.

Since digital has become dominant in photography, ensuring creative employees have not only the right camera equipment, but sufficient and effective storage, is paramount to a photographer’s arsenal. With the importance of how photos are captured and stored, it’s key to use technology you can trust.

CMS Distribution supplies a full range of Verbatim storage products designed to safely and efficiently collect and store your customers’ precious photographs with industry-leading write speeds and top-level storage capacity, ensuring no moment is lost.

HDD & SDThe Camera Day Verbatim range includes flash memory cards providing high-performance, mobile storage in a full range of formats, including the Verbatim SDXC Class 10 256GB. With an incredible combination of high storage capacity, fast data transfer and great capture / playback, Verbatim Flash Memory cards are ideal for business application.

Also featured are the Verbatim range of portable HDDs, including the Verbatim Store n Go Portable HDD 2TB with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed read and write and plug ‘n’ play functionality to ensure important photos can be transferred quickly for easy back up.

View the full range of Verbatim portable storage devices available here at CMS Distribution or find out more by speaking to your CMS Account Manager.