As we continue to wait for a deal to be agreed between the UK Government and the EU, the Team at CMS have been busily planning for all eventualities.

We sincerely hope a deal can be agreed by January 1st, but we wanted to assure you that our Brexit Team have plans in place to cover most of the likely scenarios.

Firstly, I would like to reassure you that CMS will continue to ship into mainland Europe and the island of Ireland from our UK Facility. We will get goods “to your door” with minimal intervention by you or your team. If our current trading terms allow for it, we will handle all Customs Documentations, VAT Registrations and Customs Clearance including product Compliance.

We have various customs clearance agents, logistic providers and couriers in place; we have electronic interfaces with all logistics providers and we have the ability to seamlessly produce Commercial Invoices and clear shipments efficiently on import.

We also have VAT Registrations in the countries of all the potential entry points into the EU from the UK, to ensure the transit process is as smooth as possible.

One thing that is currently unknown, is what impact a No Deal Brexit will have on certain products in the forms of tariffs and Customs Duties. We’ll keep you suitably informed about any impact to pricing as we progress through January.

I don’t need to tell you that there are predictions of delays at ports, that you should factor into any of your lead time requirements. In fact, we would highly recommend you place any urgent January orders as soon as possible

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas, a Peaceful New Year, and hopefully a seamless Brexit transition.

Tom Burke