Avocent Desktop KVM Switches

In demanding, fast-paced environments professionals need to compare, integrate and use information from multiple systems simultaneously and in real time. The Avocent family of KVM/KM switches delivers the ideal solution for streamlining access to critical information from multiple systems. Avocent KVM switches can support multiple systems with a single keyboard and mouse. In addition, the switches can be easily configured to display content in dual, triple, or quad head monitor configurations, allowing the KVM switch to support several monitors at once.

Consolidate access at the desk, at the rack or across the entire data centre with the field-proven line of Avocent analogue and digital KVM switches. Avocent solutions has been at the forefront of KVM development from the start, saving space and improving staff efficiency in leading companies across the globe.

Avocent® Desktop KVM BenefitsAvocent KVM

  • Cursor navigation switching lets users switch control between systems by simply moving the mouse cursor from one display monitor to another. Both audio and keyboard follow the cursor from one computer to the next.
  • Instant mouse and keyboard switching via emulation assures zero delay when switching between systems.
  • Independent audio and USB switching gives users the ability to freeze audio and USB devices to a specific channel so these feeds are maintained as the cursor switches between system monitors.
  • Managed copy and paste allows content to be copied from one system to another. Copy and paste can be managed with built-in controls to specify what can be copied, such as allowing a user to copy numbers only in a specific format.
  • High-speed mobile device charging port provides a quick way to charge mobile phones and other devices.
  • Pre-set display configurations are easily modified for specific environments with a user-friendly administrator tool, enabling flexible assignment of USB devices for each user.


The full Avocent family of KVM switches are now available through the CMS Store