AXi Series PSU

AXi Series PSU

AXi Series is Corsair’s flagship line of power supplies, designed for use in ultra high performance PCs. It’s the first line of desktop PC power supplies controlled by digital signal processors for amazing efficiency without compromising electrical performance.

Complete Digital Control.

The revolutionary AXi Series PSUs are the first desktop PC power supplies to use digital (DSP) control and Corsair Link to bring users an unprecedented level of monitoring and performance customisation. The DSP in the AXi Series makes on-the-fly adjustments for incredibly tight voltage regulation, 80 PLUS® Platinum Efficiency and clean, stable power.AXi

Digitally Controlled Power: Unlike traditional power supply designs, the Corsair AXi Series use a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for optimised efficiency and tighter voltage regulation, which improves overall system stability and component reliability.

Quiet, Efficient Operation: Upgrading to digital provides increased efficiency. The AXi Series is certified 80 PLUS® Platinum, which results in lower heat generation and a quieter fan profile. The AXi Series is so efficient that the 140mm fan doesn’t even spin at low loads for completely noiseless power delivery.

Corsair Link™: The built-in Corsair Link™ functionality shows users how their AXi Series is performing at any given moment and lets them quickly tweak its performance. Server-inspired diagnostic tools monitor real-time efficiency, power usage, configurable over-current protection points and fan profiles.

Brilliant Design: The fully modular cables make it easy to install and the self-test switch lets users quickly determine if the power supply is functioning normally before they even attach cables to their motherboard.

Technology and Benefits

• Digital Control: The AXi Series feature an advanced control architecture to produce outstanding dynamic response. It features a true digital engine that provides superior on-the-fly performance optimisation across the full operating range while maintaining stable operation.

• 80 PLUS® Platinum Efficiency: The sophisticated electrical design, incorporating advanced hybrid digital control and state of the art magnetics delivers extremely high energy efficiency (92% and above).

• Outstanding DC Voltage Regulation: Due to its digital design, the AXi Series deliver exceptionally stable power over the whole load range and automatically compensates for DC output cable voltage drop, ensuring tight DC output voltage regulation without the ripple/noise, transient response and converter stability drawbacks associated with conventional power supply designs.

• Low DC Output Voltage Ripple and Noise: The AXi Series feature individual DC-DC regulation for 3.3V, 5V and 12V rails and secondary side synchronous rectification, utilizing MOSFETs that have lower losses than the conventional output rectification schemes. An advanced 4-layer modular connector board PCB ensures a better ground return plane, lower resistance and low voltage drops. This, combined with circuit trace optimisation and advanced filtering techniques, helps to minimise ripple and noise.

• Reduced Component Count and Increased Reliability: The digital control of the AXi Series eliminate many external components required by more conventional PSU solutions to offer an extremely small, high density, high reliability solution that allows incremental space to add extra features – like real time parameter monitoring and power supply control.

User Friendly Features

• Fully Modular Cable System: The fully-modular, low-profile cable system provides maximum flexibility when building or upgrading a PC and maximum airflow through the chassis. This allows users to utilise only the cables they need, reducing cable clutter and maximising the cooling performance of their PC.

• Self Test Switch: The power supply can be validated prior to system installation via a self test switch, which confirms all DC output voltage rails are present and the fan is functional.

Safety and Protection:

• Over-Voltage Protection (OVP): Over-voltage protection for the 12V, 5V and 3.3V DC outputs is required to comply with the ATX specification. OVP shuts down the PSU in the event that the DC outputs exceed a set level, determined by the PSU manufacturer. The minimum voltage levels required for compliance are 13.4V for the +12V rail(s), 5.74V for the +5V rail and 3.76V for the 3.3V rail.

• Over-Current Protection (OCP): The AXi Series feature OCP on the 3.3V, 5V and 12V rails. OCP ensures that the output of the DC voltage rails remains within safe operating limits. The AX1200i can be configured as a single rail or multi-rail OCP solution.

• Over-Temperature Protection (OTP): OTP ensures that the PSU will shut down when the internal temperature reaches a set point. This is usually as a result of internal current overloading or a fan failure.

• Short-Circuit Protection (SCP): A short-circuit is defined as any output impedance of less than 0.1 ohms. Amongst other things, SCP ensures that the PSU shuts down should the 3.3V, 5V and 12V rails short to any other rail, or to ground.


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