Carbonite Endpoint Protection

Carbonite Endpoint Protection

Keep data safe, with Carbonite Endpoint

Endpoint data protection solutions

Your customers can now manage and protect data on all laptops, desktops and mobile devices across their entire business with powerful, configurable backup technology.

Endpoint data is vulnerable

Your customers’ critical business data is distributed across tens, hundreds, thousands of your employees’ desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Most companies don’t have a comprehensive solution to this complex problem, leaving them vulnerable.

Bandwidth is a limited resource

Bandwidth is a fixed resource for any business. Carbonite QuickCache enables you to back up at LAN speeds over your internal network, while deferring bandwidth utilization to the cloud until off-peak hours.

Integration is critical

Endpoint management must seamlessly fit into your environment. With custom end-user dashboards, APIs for deeper integration, automated health reporting, AD/LDAP integration and single sign-on, Carbonite reduces your IT burden

It’s your data. Keep it that way.

No business is immune to data loss resulting from accidental deletions, ransomware and lost or stolen devices. Protect the data across all the computers and devices in your customers organization with Carbonite endpoint backup.

Carbonite Endpoint 360

Manage and protect data on all the laptops, desktops and mobile devices across your customers entire business with powerful, configurable backup technology.

  • Enterprise-grade endpoint backup for the mobile workforce
  • Maximum deployment flexibility and scalability for large, distributed organizations
  • Intelligent global usage of bandwidth for fewer disruptions to users and the network


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