Scale Computing HC3 Virtualisation Platform

Scale Computing HC3 Virtualisation Platform

Scale Computing HC3 ServersHC3® is the virtualisation platform designed to deliver simplicity, availability and scalability in a single appliance.

Scale Computing’s HC3 platform brings storage, servers and virtualisation together in one, comprehensive system. The system is scalable, self-healing and as easy to manage as a single server.


The ‘datacentre in a box’ offering with the HC3 products provides a complete system and automates overall management.

With no licence or external storage required, HC3 products lower out-of-pocket costs whilst drastically simplifying the infrastructure needed to keep applications running, ultimately saving both you and your customers money.

  • Install in less than an hour
  • Deploy new VMs in minutes
  • Built-in Browser-based Management
  • Software-defined, hybrid storage system with automated tiering
  • Fully integrated, cluster-wide resource utilisation and alerts
  • Single vendor support experience, no disparate systems to integrate
  • Integrated all-in-one appliance


High availability is a core tenant of the HC3 design, with every VM amongst the HC3 product range automatically made highly available. There is no single point of failure and the clustered architecture provides both the fault tolerance and scalability required, dramatically simplifying management of applications.

scale computing hc3 replication2

  • All VMs created on HC3 are Highly Available
  • Automatic failover for node failures
  • Automatic restriping of data for failed disk
  • Fully self-healing
  • Non-disruptive upgrades of HyperCore
  • No single point of failure


The clustered, scale out architecture of HC3 allows you to increase capacity and performance as and when you need it. The system intelligently identifies available resources and allocates VMs to those nodes, meaning uncertainty of the unknown is no longer an issue.

  • Scale-out Architecture
  • Mix and match new nodes
  • Incremental resources improve performance of existing workloads
  • Fast and easy to expand, no downtime required
  • No additional licencing required
  • Start small and grow as your business grows
  • No forklift upgrades

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