SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset

SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset

Network engineers are facing many challenges everyday: new network issues emerge from nowhere, then there is never enough time to troubleshoot, and there is a highly complex network composed of thousands of devices that seems to have a mind of its own. SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset is a new and innovative way to troubleshoot network issues. With SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset, users can monitor and alert in real time on network availability and health, perform robust network diagnostics for faster troubleshooting and quick resolution of complex network issues and easily deploy an array of network discovery tools including Port Scanner, Switch Port Mapper, and Advanced Subnet Calculator.

SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset Workspace Studio

Most Popular Tools in the SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset:

Workspace Studio

With the Workspace Studio, customers can organise their tools to tackle troubleshooting challenges and then recall that workspace with a click when you need it – saving valuable set-up time. And shared credential management saves even more time as users can switch easily between the tools they need without re-entering credentials.

IP Network Browser

IP Network Browser is an incredibly fast network discovery application that provides organisations with extensive data across a broad range of vendors’ networking devices. Information is collected via ICMP and SNMP locally or on remote network thousands of miles away. IP Network Browser scans a single IP, IP address range, or subnet and displays network devices as they are discovered in real time, providing users with immediate access to detailed information about the devices on there network.

NetFlow Realtime Tool

The NetFlow Realtime tool captures and analyses Cisco NetFlow data in real time to show customers what kind of traffic is travelling through the network, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going. Best of all, it takes the guess work out of diagnosing traffic spikes and stores up to one hour of Cisco NetFlow data. With the NetFlow Realtime tool, users can display inbound and outbound traffic separately for granular analysis and troubleshooting. Users can even view the last 5 to 60 minutes of flow data broken out by applications, conversations, domains, endpoints, and protocols. As a result, organisations can know exactly how their bandwidth is being used and by whom.

IP Address Management

The IP Address Management application in Engineer’s Toolset automates IP address management and puts an end to outdated spreadsheets. This powerful application automatically determines which IP addresses are in use or not in use, and how long it has been since they have been used. The IP Address Management tool also supports SNMP to perform auto-network discovery, providing a wealth of detailed network management information.

Switch Port Mapper

Figuring out which devices are connected to each switch/hub port on the business network can require crawling through a lot of closets. With the Switch Port Mapper, these connections are discovered automatically. In fact, the Switch Port Mapper creates a logical map of which ports are associated with which IP addresses in just a matter of seconds.

Network Performance Monitor

Network Performance Monitor gives organisations the ability to monitor and track the availability of dozens of network devices directly from their desktop. With this, network engineers can always be the first to know about a network outage. Also, Network Performance Monitor enables users to concurrently monitor critical devices on small to midsize networks via ICMP and SNMP. Plus, this powerful tool not only performs network performance monitoring of customer’s network nodes, but also provides visual alert indicators and audible alarms and sends e-mail messages when devices fail.


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