SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM)

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM)

In any medium to large companies, IP address management can be a major problem. Some servers and devices require static IP addresses, while others use addresses that are assigned by a DHCP server. IT administrators are pressured to make sure that IP address pools are not depleted and that static IP addresses are not accidentally reused. Moreover, most of them still manage IP addresses using spreadsheets that are stored on shared drives, and updated only when someone remembers to do that. Using Excel spreadsheet can be risky: small mistakes compound over time, duplicate IP addresses get assigned, machines are retired and IP space is wasted. The best solution to all these problems is Solarwinds IP Address Manager which was designed to simplify IP address and DHCP server management for existing Microsoft implementations within an organisation.

What is SolarWinds IP Address Manager

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) is a comprehensive IP address management solution that offers centralised management and monitoring of all organisation’s IP addresses, subnets, as well as DHCP/DNS services from a single, easy-to-use web console. SolarWinds IPAM includes functionality for automating IP address management, simplifying network management, and improving overall operational efficiency, saving IT administrators’ valuable time and efforts.

Solarwinds IP Address Manager: TOP 10 Subnets

Key benefits of SolarWinds IP Address Manager

Monitoring and Alerting

IP Address Manager automatically and proactively detects IP address problems that can eventually lead to network disruption. Organisations can continuously monitor and improve IP performance with proactive detection of IP address problems, notification of IP address changes in the network, and access to utilisation data on essential metrics for planning. What’s more, alerts can be created for given devices, which inform administrators of failures, changes and traffic problems, bringing proactive management capabilities to a network manager. Active monitoring and alerting helps eliminate network downtime due to IP conflicts and non-availability of IP addresses due to full subnets.

Automated IP Address Scanning

IPAM allows users to easily set up scheduled, automatic scanning for both IPv4 and IPv6 address space. This helps reduce the risk of manual errors and ensures that organisation’s network’s IP address information is always up to date. Scheduled IP address scanning also helps avoid IP address conflicts by recognising transient IP status.

IP Conflict Detection Resource

SolarWinds IP Address management tool enables network administrators quickly track the IP conflict issues and avert network downtime. IPAM alerts every time there is an IP conflict on the network. Historical data on IP address usage reveals which device had the IP first. Using the remote shutdown option, network administrators can immediately cut off network connectivity.

Integrated DHCP and DNS Configuration Management

Multisite networks often deal with complex DNS and DHCP schemes. Here IPAM gives full visibility into the operations of DHCP and DNS, speeding troubleshooting chores and making it easier to optimise configurations. The included device tracker utility provides critical information about individual devices and the history of those devices.

Solarwinds IP Address Manager: Displaying IP Address Details
Role-based Administration

SolarWinds IP Address Manager lets network managers have full control over what assigned users can and cannot do, thanks to the roles-based administration module. Users can work independently of other admin teams with IPAM, allowing each team to manage their own subnets, address blocks, and DHCP and DNS services without impacting each other. Role-based administration helps maintain security without limiting delegation of IP address management activities.

Detailed Event Recording

IPAM automatically records all IP-related events and keeps a detailed activity log showing the changes and easy troubleshooting. By using these detailed activity logs, IT administrators can easily retrace events leading up to IP conflicts and other IP related issues and therefore greatly reduce troubleshooting time.

Furthermore, SolarWinds IP Address Manager includes extensive ad-hoc reporting capabilities, allowing network managers to create “what-if” scenarios and case-based historical reports.

A “top 10” report offers network managers a quick view into a variety of “top 10” items, including packet loss, CPU loads, response times, SSIDs and so on, giving managers the ability to proactively plan their day.


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