SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT)

SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT)

Enterprise networks are experiencing a storm of connectivity, caused by remote accesses, virtual clients and the large number of diverse endpoints demanding to access the network. This situation creates challenges for network administrators and engineers who need to know who is trying to connect to the network to keep the enterprise networks secure. More importantly, if a network manager is not aware of a device, how he can control the connectivity to that device. Although there are lots of technologies that can be deployed to validate devices, but those technologies often come up short when it comes to detecting new devices or managing those that may only connect at certain times. SolarWinds User Device Tracker delivers the ability to instantly detect and control devices as soon as they connect to the network, retrieve the switch name, port, port description and VLAN, analyse port usage or capacity and even alert network managers about issues before they occur.

SolarWinds User Device Tracker: Summary Dashboard

Benefits of SolarWinds User Device Tracker

Network Device Tracking

Gone are the days of manually trying to find a device that has become a security threat. SolarWinds User Device Tracker brings to the table the ability to automatically detect devices and track the locations of those devices connected to the network. In addition, SolarWinds UDT stores all the pertinent information about those devices, connections and history.

Network User and Device Watch List

A device watch list enables to keep an eye on specific devices and alert when the devices appear. With SolarWinds User Device Tracker, network engineers and administrators can build comprehensive lists based upon policies that identify and track both users and devices, providing a quick way to identify anomalous usage or connections. During network scans, SolarWinds UDT will be on the lookout for specific user or device and will alert the next time it is seen on the network.

Monitoring Switch Ports

Along with tracking and monitoring users/devices, port tracking features, SolarWinds User Device Tracker allows users to see port details and attached device history in a single click. Details include the port name, number, VLAN, as well as a complete history of the usage of those ports with devices and users. What’s more, UDT can create logical maps of the switches and associated ports and also provide control over the ports.

Device Whitelisting

Known and authorised devices can be whitelisted, providing a methodology to allow those devices to connect. This enables network administrators to be constantly informed if a device which is not on the whitelist attempts to connect.

Remote Port Shutdown

Network administrators can control ports and connections directly from the SolarWinds User Device Tracker dashboard, making it easy to take immediate action against an intruder or suspicious connection.

Customisable Network User and Device Reports

Extensive SolarWinds UDT reporting capabilities enable network administrators to create and customise different reports such as device usage, user access, historical or trend reports based upon connections made. Other key reports include rogue device detection, frequency of use and location-based analytics. Finally, the product offers a browser-based interface which is designed to allow administrators to stay in control of who and what are connecting to the network from a central, browser-based console.



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