Symantec Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

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Symantec Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Industry Leading Cloud Security

Ensuring a safe transition to O365 and other cloud apps by delivering cloud security, governance, and performance controls that integrate into existing web access models.

The Symantec CloudSOC platform enables companies to confidently leverage cloud applications and services while staying safe, secure and compliant. It provides visibility into shadow IT, governance over data in cloud apps and protection against threats targeting cloud accounts.

CloudSOC takes a data science approach to security using machine learning at its core and leveraging native SaaS APIs, real-time traffic processing and other data sources to provide insightful visualisation and intuitive controls.

CloudSOC offers a cloud audit for Shadow IT plus granular transaction visibility, user behaviour analytics (UBA), threat detection, data governance and DLP, security controls and post-incident forensic analysis for sanctioned and un-sanctioned cloud apps.

  • Cloud application visibility and risk intelligence for thousands of apps
  • Data security, UBA and policy controls for sanctioned cloud apps
  • Incident Response, real-time user behaviour analytics, data security and threat protection for un-sanctioned cloud apps
  • Incident response, users can quickly investigate areas of concern in cloud accounts with rich log-based intelligence

How CloudSOC Secures Data in the Cloud

  • Scans content and automatically classifies data with highly accurate DLP
  • Monitors sensitive data and remediates risky exposures identified in cloud apps
  • Leverages both API-based Securlets™ for sanctioned SaaS and IaaS accounts and CASB Gateway for real-time traffic between users and cloud apps
  • Enforces rich content-aware and context-aware policies to govern transactions, including encryption of sensitive content
  • Integrates with Symantec DLP to extend central enterprise DLP policies and workflows to cloud apps

Extended Enterprise Security Includes Integrated CASB

Combine CloudSOC with Symantec data loss prevention.

Symantec offers more than traditional CASB functionality by integrating CloudSOC directly with extended Symantec solutions such as DLP, Web Security, Identity & Access Management, Endpoint Protection and Encryption. These combined solutions enable organisations to safely adopt cloud apps as a natural part of the extended enterprise.

  • Automated control over Shadow IT by combining CloudSOC Audit and Blue Coat Secure Web Gateways
  • Visibility over cloud app use by remote users with Symantec Endpoint Protection integration with CloudSOC
  • Extends DLP across the entire enterprise by combining Symantec DLP for endpoint, data center, network and cloud with CloudSOC
  • Protects data with encryption & adaptive access controls delivered through VIP, PGP, and CloudSOC integrations
  • Strengthens security with global intelligence & threat protection integrated with CloudSOC to protect to your cloud accounts and user cloud transactions

Forrester’s leader in Cloud Security Gateway

Forrester ranked Blue Coat/Symantec a leader in Cloud Security Gateway, giving it the highest score across twenty-three criteria in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Security Gateways, Q4 2016, which evaluated 8 of the most significant CSG vendors.

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