Quantum ActiveScale

Quantum ActiveScale


A gigabyte of data represents a drawing, a terabyte of data represents a genome, combined, these gigabytes and terabytes equate to ever-increasing amounts of data that is rarely deleted. The data growth and retention trends are driving demands for more efficient, resilient, and secure storage solutions. ActiveScale™ software delivers accessibility of data at scale.

Future-Proof Availability of Data

Data is an asset with its own lifecycle; it is created, consumed, and retained, sometimes indefinitely. Year-over-year data growth of over 40% is challenging organizations to find efficient ways to retain data throughout its lifecycle. Long-term retention requirements in industries such as Life Sciences, Media and Entertainment, Broadcasting, Healthcare, and Financial Services demand data to be available and secure; much of the data being stored is key to market differentiation, product and services support, and raw inputs from sensors, sequencers, cameras, and other devices. To future proof data availability, organizations need to ensure data integrity, infrastructure resiliency and scalability, and continuous and ubiquitous access to data.

ActiveScale Delivers

Dynamic Data Placement (DDP) and Dynamic Data Repair (DDR) are key to data’s long-term viability using erasure coding across drives, nodes, and sites; continuously monitoring the health of the data and its underlying infrastructure; and ongoing repair of data when errors are discovered. Object Lock and end-to-end encryption secure data in flight and in place. ActiveScale presents standard interfaces, S3 object storage and NFS, to provide confidence that data will remain accessible.

Key technical differentiators

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Featured Benefits

Capacity and Performance Efficiency

Sustained performance with large and small files without compromising utilisation.

System Availability

Geo-spread system design efficiently disperses objects across three locations and ensures accessibility in case of a disaster.

Extreme Data Durability

Data protection with Dynamic Data Placement and Dynamic Data Repair uniquely places objects across systems for highest resiliency and ongoing monitoring and repair of errors.

Data Security

Advanced erasure coding, versioning, and dynamic monitoring and repair ensure data put in will be data read out years later.