Quantum’s New DXi Backup Appliances Deliver Industry-Leading Density and Efficiency

Quantum’s New DXi Backup Appliances Deliver Industry-Leading Density and Efficiency

New Portfolio Enables High Performance Multi-Site Backup and DR for Leading Enterprises

SAN JOSE, Calif.Jan. 10, 2019 — Quantum Corp. (NYSE: QTM) today announced the availability of the latest DXi backup appliances – the DXi9000 and DXi4800.  Both offerings draw from Quantum’s years of experience optimizing backup appliances – both software and hardware – to deliver greater storage density and efficiency for enterprises around the world.

DXi9000:  Protect Over 20 PB in Just 10U

With industry-best density, ultra-fast performance, and the ability to protect petabytes of data, the DXi9000 is a highly-efficient option for enterprise backup storage.  The DXi9000 scales from 51 TB to 1 PB of useable capacity, using Quantum’s unique capacity-on-demand licensing, and is the first backup appliance to take advantage of 12 TB hard drives. The DXi9000 has a new high-density chassis option to enable 1 petabyte of usable capacity (pre-deduplication) in only 10U of rack space. The combination enables customers to protect their data efficiently while reducing power and cooling requirements and minimizing the rack footprint associated with storage.

DXi4800:  The most efficient solution for remote site protection and small enterprises

Capable of scaling from just a few terabytes to over 100 TBs, the DXi4800 is an efficient choice for small backup environments and remote site protection.  With the addition of flash to the DXi4800 node, operations such as backup, restore, replication, and space reclamation are significantly accelerated to improve overall data management.  The DXi4800 starts at 8 TB of useable capacity and scales using Quantum’s capacity-on-demand licensing to 171 TB.

Customers Continue to Choose Quantum DXi Backup Appliances

Quantum’s DXi can play a central role in a comprehensive data protection strategy, with the capabilities customers need to maximize the availability of their production applications, and protect against data loss and disaster:

  • High-performance, purpose-built backup appliance is easy to install, scale, and manage.
  • Variable deduplication maximizes disk savings.
  • Fine-tuned replication engine enables multi-site DR protection.
  • Industry-leading storage density provides greater storage efficiency.
  • Offers multi-protocol access: CIFS/NFS, VTL, OST, and VDMS.
  • Integrated with all leading backup applications, including unique integration with Veeam and Veritas NetBackup OST.

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Supporting Quotes

“Our customers will be pleased to see that Quantum’s continued investment in DXi technology has resulted in a refreshed product line, with offerings designed to deliver greater scalability and even higher performance, while reducing their footprint in the datacenter. In addition, Quantum continues to partner with industry-leading backup ISVs such as Veritas and Veeam to deliver proven solutions for today’s most demanding environments.”

Eric Bassier, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Corporate Communications, Quantum

“Our customers face the need to protect an increasing amount of data while both maximizing production system availability and minimizing backup footprint and spending. The latest DXi appliances combine high performance backup and restore, unique scalability to protect terabytes to petabytes of data, variable-length deduplication, and the industry’s most efficient design to help our customers achieve those goals.”

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