Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL 8) is the intelligent operating system that is the consistent foundation for the enterprise hybrid cloud and has all the tools required to deliver workloads faster and with less effort. RHEL 8 reduces IT friction, costs of dynamic business changes, increases agility and reduces the time to market for critical workloads.

Compared with industry-standard servers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers have less-frequent unplanned downtime that’s resolved faster1:

  • 56% fewer instances of unplanned downtime
  • 68% less productivity time lost for users
  • 78% less business revenue lost
  • $8,260 per 100 users of productivity-related benefits over three years


What does RHEL 8 offer you?

A focus on customer business growth, not reacting to security vulnerabilities

RHEL 8 is hardened, certified and proactively supported by the Red Hat Product Security team and now offers enhanced platform manageability through the addition of Red Hat Insights – a predictive IT risk analytics tool.

A foundation from which to build long-lasting customer relationships

RHEL 8 forms the foundation for Red Hat’s entire hybrid cloud portfolio.

A faster path to modern applications

Speed up application development by standardising on a consistent hybrid cloud foundation that lets you choose from the most recent stable development languages, compilers, databases, tools and container technologies on the latest hardware and cloud environments.

A consistent foundation for customer cloud-native applications

RHEL 8 provides the tools you need to deliver services and workloads faster with less effort – any application on any footprint at any time – to your customers.

Multiple ways for you to grow bookings

RHEL 8 lowers the barrier of entry to Linux for beginners or users who thought it was “too complicated”, by utilising familiar, easy-to-use interfaces.

1 IDC Infographic: Infrastructure Modernization Trends You Can’t Ignore, 2018

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