Secure your cybersecurity with a single platform

One of the biggest problems with cybersecurity is the wide range of threats you need to detect and variety of tools required to detect and prevent attacks.

AlienVault recently conducted a study in which the responses of 400 cybersecurity professionals were analysed to map a landscape on the state of digital security

The report found:

  • Dealing with advanced threats is the most significant concern for cybersecurity professionals: in particular, ransomware (48%), phishing attacks (48%) and attendant data loss (47%). The level of concern with these threat categories had grown significantly over the previous six months. More than half the respondents also saw insider threats as a growing concern.
  • 62% of respondents cited the ability to detect threats as being their chief concern when responding to detected threats.
  • As for the most significant obstacles facing security teams, 51% cited lack of budget and 49% lack of skilled personnel, while a lack of security awareness was also cited by 49%.

With a wide range of threats and not enough staff, it’s not surprising that many organisations have turned to technology when it comes to cyber threat detection.

However, the issue is far from simple. As you can see in the video above, on average, organisations need no fewer than five different threat detection products – and many opt for much more than that. So while there may be a solution for just about every problem, the issue is that there isn’t one single solution that can handle all the problems.

Or is there?

AlienVault has developed threat detection and prevention technology that combines the main threat detection features into a single cloud-based platform. This means you can detect threats whether they’re from within your organisation or outside it. Everything is viewable in one place – and by one person.

AlienVault doesn’t just provide you with the right solutions, they help you to get the best out of them, thanks to their expert professionals and wide range of value-added services.  So when it comes to detecting threats, trust them to make a difference and expect great results.

Write to us to learn more about AlienVault’s security solutions and how you can utilise them in your specific IT environment.