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Credit Maximiser

Explore this simple way to maximise both your credit limit and sales growth.

CMS Credit Maximiser can offer you the best credit and financial solution possible, for sustainable future growth.

How does it work?

CMS Credit Maximiser is designed to enable you to grow your credit limit month by month.  We will provide a minimum credit facility of £5,000 to start you off.
Providing payments are received to term, we will add an additional 25% to the credit each month thereby enabling you to quickly increase your credit-line to a maximum level of £100,000.

What are the benefits?

Using CMS Credit Maximiser will enable you to increase your credit-line quickly to a maximum of £100,000.  As your credit-line increases, not only will you benefit by gaining access to the great CMS portfolio of products and services, but you will be able to consolidate your purchasing through one supplier and purchase a wider stock range.

How do I apply?

Contact your CMS Account Manager now:
United Kingdom:
+44 1423 704 700
Ireland: +353 949 374 000
The Netherlands: +31 207 979 000

Or click here to contact us online.

For full details including terms and conditions, download CMS Credit Maximiser information sheet here.