CMS Distribution’s value-added services reach far beyond product distribution. Our customers and vendors have access to our pool of expertise, and our numerous additional services. Whatever your business needs to thrive, CMS Distribution can provide it.


CMS Distribution offers credit facilities based on our own financial appraisal of your business and not upon a credit insurer or credit agency’s appraisal. This means we go one step further to take the credit risk out of the channel – by gaining an in-depth understanding of your business model, we can align ourselves with your objectives and be more proactive in managing your credit.

With a range of payment options including trade accounts, leasing and Direct Debit, we ensure we have all the relevant information needed to make informed decisions that support your business. We can translate complex pricing systems, provide regular price feeds, deliver a prompt billing service and create payment plans that are tailored to you. We want to encourage your on-going growth and make it easy for you to do business with us – which is why we adapt to the way you work.

The value we add:

  • Credit and finance accounts
  • In-house credit approval
  • Business model replication
  • Regular price feeds
  • Pricing translation
  • No overcharges
  • Prompt billing and payment
  • Credit Maximiser – find out more