CMS Distribution’s value-added services reach far beyond product distribution. Our customers and vendors have access to our pool of expertise, and our numerous additional services. Whatever your business needs to thrive, CMS Distribution can provide it.

IT Services

EDI Trading
A large proportion of our daily trade is conducted electronically through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). CMS Distribution’s dedicated and highly experienced team works with the latest technologies to achieve a seamless electronic exchange of documents with our customers, vendors and couriers. CMS Distribution uses XML and a variety of standards – including EDIFACT – when trading through EDI.

Advantages for our resellers
Our resellers receive numerous efficiency gains by establishing EDI links with CMS Distribution, as well as from other systems led innovations.

Stock and price feeds
CMS Distribution offers a range of feed services, catering to companies with all levels of IT capacity – the latest price and stock information is available by EDI, web service, or standard CSV file.

Purchase ordering
CMS Distribution has developed multiple methods of streamlining the way our resellers can do business with us – from building a PO throughout the day to secure stock and consolidate deliveries and invoices, to accommodating multiple single line orders placed night and day. Order acknowledgements are then exchanged as required throughout the processing lifecycle.

Order fulfilment – EDI and manual orders
CMS Distribution provides a direct drop fulfilment service for customers ranging from the largest retailers and e-tailers, to very specialised systems integrators and consultancies. Our systems can automate the process of delivering to your end customers with a choice of plain label, custom logo, or bespoke branded paperwork.

Ship notifications and consignment tracking
Many of our high volume customers and those with complex supply chains, require Serialised Shipping Container Codes (SSCC). CMS Distribution can electronically communicate SSCC, Advance Ship Notifications and dispatch documentation to customer systems, optimising the speed of information exchange.

Electronic invoicing
Electronic invoicing provides additional means to cut the cost of the order processing lifecycle and decrease error rates. Faster processing of invoices can significantly help with stock costing, especially where multiple currencies are being used.

Contact your CMS account manager for more information.

Advantages for our vendors
CMS Distribution’s efficiencies are our vendors’ benefits. We reduce data entry errors throughout the sales process, we streamline sell-out reporting, and we use EDI to increase trade with our customers.


  • System driven and vendor specific data entry checks for significant error reduction in both back-to-back and stock ordering
  •  Reduced costs for vendors and the elimination of re-keying data into vendor systems
  •  Increased turnaround speeds
  •  Higher visibility – sell-out reporting is scheduled and fully in line with our vendors’ specific requirements
  •  The opportunity to profit from the stock demands of high volume orders, facilitated by our EDI links with resellers