CMS Distribution’s value-added services reach far beyond product distribution. Our customers and vendors have access to our pool of expertise, and our numerous additional services. Whatever your business needs to thrive, CMS Distribution can provide it.

Sales & Technical Expertise

When customers contact the sales team at CMS Distribution, they speak to a trusted advisor who really understands their area of expertise and their business. In most cases, they will be talking to the same people each time – who know them and can advise accordingly. It means our customers don’t have to wait for a sales specialist to answer their question or process an order. Your sales team are supported by an expert pre-sales technical team, from technical queries to complete system specification.

We also add value by taking a proactive approach, as only by really understanding a customer’s business needs can we offer them the best possible solution. It’s why our resellers trust us to talk to end-users directly.

Each of our sales people also puts this understanding to work by providing customers with an immediate response to queries, collaborating with vendors to offer the best products, solutions and prices. Our customers remain supported at events to ensure the most accurate product knowledge is carried through.

The value we add:

  • Detailed product knowledge
  • Consistent point of contact
  • Immediate response
  • Driven to provide solutions
  • Trusted advisor across channels
  • Collaboration with vendors
  • Real customer understanding
  • Marketing support