SolarWinds is the worldwide leader in IT management software. Their range of services are built by network and system engineers to manage today’s dynamic IT environments with a portfolio spans across Network, Systems and IT Security management tools.


Commercially competitive against enterprise software Increased sight across network and systems Integration with technology like Cisco, IBM, VMware etc Single pane of glass monitoring and management

Network management

SolarWinds offers a wide range of network performance management software that allows you to solve issues like:

  • Reducing network outages
  • Improving performance
  • Automating network configuration and compliance
  • Optimising IT resources
  • Locating users and devices on your network
  • Bandwidth monitoring

Systems management

Manage, monitor and troubleshoot application performance and availability and correlate across the application stack allowing your customers to solve:

  • Application problems
  • Optimise virtual machine performance
  • Storage resource monitoring across multi-vendors
  • Consistent server configuration and change monitoring

Database management

Performance monitoring, analysis and tuning solutions allowing your customers to:

  • Quickly find the root cause of complex problems
  • Optimise performance of production instances
  • Solve problems faster with shared tools across departments
  • Identify anomalies before problems occur

IT security management

Powerful, affordable and easy-to-use solutions to make everything in IT more secure. Offer your customers solutions for:

  • Configuration and change management
  • Compliance automation
  • Real-time remediation
  • Centralised patch management
  • Log management
  • Device tracking and port

How we support you

At CMS Distribution, we are able to help you discover, develop and maximise sales opportunities. We are committed to driving value and ROI for you and your customers alike, we demo the full suite of SolarWinds products, understand the challenges and most importantly, we strategically cross-sell other modules to help compliment the solution.

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