The Giant Terabyte Giveaway

The CMS Solutions team, in partnership with QNAP, Seagate and Toshiba, is delighted to announce the Giant Terabyte Giveaway Promotion!



We are offering 2 free HDDs when you order a fully-populated solution at a minimum of 8 bays (Rack or Desktop) and a minimum capacity of 4TB on HDDs – pay for 6 HDDs and get 2 free or buy 8 HDDs and get 2 spare ones free!*


This promotion is valid until 31st May 2021.


*Terms and Conditions:

  • The solution must be fully-populated and the offer starts at a minimum of 8 bays (Rack or Desktop) and the minimum capacity starts at 4 TB on the HDDs
  • The option of keeping the device fully-populated and having 2 free HDDs as spares is also permitted, i.e. receive 10 HDDs in total (getting 2 free)
  • This promotion is only applicable to NAS and HDD vendors that collaboratively use CMS solutions integration services, e.g. a QNAP rack paired with Toshiba HDDs, Same vendor NAS and HDD products do not count towards this promotion
  • If the solution is not being built by CMS Distribution in a BOM, then the NAS and HDDs must be on the same order/invoice



At CMS Distribution, we deliver bespoke NAS Solutions from our hardware and software portfolios, with each one built upon our ever-evolving knowledge of the IT landscape and its developments.

The excellent relationships we have built with our vendors means that we can engage them where required and facilitate innovative solutions built from compatible and complementary technologies. We will help your customers identify and act on opportunities for your business to grow and support you throughout the process with market-leading technical and logistical support.

Speak to your CMS Account Manager for more information, contact the Solutions Team at to learn more or complete the below form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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